Travel US Southwest

A group of our best Doers are officially out of office and off the grid from Sept. 4-11th. They’ve been sent to Live It like VIP’s across the Southwest. But don’t worry! Our resident blogger Catherine is there to document every aspect via flip phone, journals, carrier pigeons, and smoke signals so that you can live it along with them! 

Check back daily for updates and in the mean time, see our itinerary here as you wait for more!
Warning: You will experience major FOMO.

Day One: Arrival

The Gold Rush Doers officially arrived to Vegas yesterday where their chariots (aka premium SUV’s) awaited to drive them to Zion National Park. After a two and a half hour drive across the desert roads (even making friends with a few truck drivers!), they settled in under a blanket of stars in luxury tents at Under Canvas Zion. Their night was spent exploring the rocky desert at sunset, sharing stories (and s’mores!) by the fire, and finally falling asleep under the glow of the Milky Way. 

Day Two: Hiking Through History

Today we awoke to the warm, rose glow of sunrise over the unmarred landscape of Zion National Park. After a quick breakfast we prepared for a day of hiking through 200 million years of geological history. 

To better understand this beautiful area we were lead by local experts Jonathon and Sean through the Narrows. They treated our team to a private hiking experience through trails unknown to other groups and guides. To top it off, we were able to drink from an 800 year old natural water supply that is the only source safe enough to drink from in the area.

From Zion, we drove to Bryce Canyon where we were joined by our local insider who guided us three miles to the the most picturesque lookout in the region. She told us the secrets of the unique formations as we waited for sunset to watch the red rocks be set ablaze in shades of crimson.

Day Three: Spiritual Journeys in Monument Valley

Waking up before the sun met the horizon, we drove out over open highways to one of the most iconic landscapes in the US: Monument Valley. Everyone in the group was anxious to meet one of our most celebrated and loved Insiders: Lorenz – a fourth generation Navajo medicine man. Lorenz lead us deep into the Monument Valley to areas where other guides don’t even know exist.

We hiked along rocky ridge lines and eventually reached the Big Hogan, a cave that engulfed us by its bright ochre walls. Here we were enchanted by Lorenz’s stories and explanations of the traditions surrounding the Navajo people, an ancient tribe native to the Southwest. The entire group had chills and were spiritually moved by the sounds of his drum, songs, and the chilling notes of his flute as the notes reverberated against the bright walls.

As we ventured back to the park we were treated with a chance to meet a friend of Lorenz, a woman who has worked as a traditional local artisan. When not creating, she now teaches others about her culture and the techniques of weaving that has passed down for generations between mothers and daughters of the tribe. 

Day Four: From the Desert to the Water

Just in time for the most dazzling display of color, we arrived at Antelope Canyon. As we traversed through the twisting labyrinth of rock formations the clock hit 11 and the sun beams began to trickle in, alighting the tunnels in amber shades or orange and red. Our time was made even more awe-inspired by the local Insider pointed out and named for us the most unique formations in the canyon.

After a morning of hiking we drove out to spend a day on the water, cooling off in Lake Powell. We spent the afternoon swimming in the azure water and even tubing behind our boat!

To celebrate the end of a great day we were treated to a candle lit dinner at the beautiful Amangiri hotel. After a decadent meal we had the chance to see the incredible centerpiece to this property: a 165 million year old rock from which the pool is built around. This beautiful formation inspires the design of the entire hotel and was made even more spectacular by the soft light of the moon.

Available to our clients, Overseas and Amangiri are happy to offer helicopter tours landing on Tower Butte for sunrise yoga, the only closed vehicle tours to Antelope Canyon, and many other tours around the national park. 

Day Five: Sin City

We rose with the sun and set out to another iconic formation of the West: Horseshoe Bend. We watched the sky warm from the rosy tones until the day bloomed in to a deep and enchanting blue. After we had all had our chance to take photos, we boarded our fleet of SUVs and set off for sin city.

Arriving in Vegas we were treated to a stay at the unparalleled Wynn Las Vegas. The rooms offered a reprieve from the dust of the desert and we were able to settle in to luxury for the night. Having the ultimate insider access to the Wynn meant tickets to their breathtaking and dramatic Le Rêve show. And not to do Las Vegas a dis-justice, we of course had to go for a night out — but you know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Day Six: The Final Count Down

Waking up in the relative calm of Vegas, we set off for an action packed day of adventure. A helicopter took our group over Vegas, giving us a bird’s eye view over the now quiet streets. From here we were transported to the Grand Canyon where we able to have the rare opportunity of landing at the base of the towering walls of the ancient canyon. Once we were lifted back to the staggering height of the top of the canyon, we were able to enjoy a quick picnic before heading off to our next stop, and final heart pounding activity of the trip. 

To the desert we went for one of the most adrenaline fueled activities of the whole trip: dune buggies! Our group was briefed on the safety aspects and then we were strapped in and ready to race each other over the dunes. Locked in to a roll cage (and with our hands locked to the wheels) we raced, jumped, and drifted around the Martian landscape. 

To wind down an incredible trip, we couldn’t just not do anything for our final night. We, of course, had to Live It up with a party in Vegas at the Marquee! We toasted the summer, each other, an incredible trip, and of course – Overseas.