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Home Blogs Kayaking in Charleston
By Iris Garrido
February 12, 2018
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Kayaking in Charleston
Kayaking through history

A Colorful Kayaking Adventure...


Don't miss the opportunity to explore and discover it all - all over again - by water on a thrilling kayak adventure.

"After getting accustomed to the correct paddling technique we navigated past awe-inspiring ships in the dock and were almost immediately greeted by dolphins who were breaching right by us. Minutes in and already an unforgettable experience!... The picturesque skyline of Downtown Charleston with its many church steeples and the historic structures of Castle Pinckney and Fort Sumter are visible from the kayak and one can almost imagine arriving in Charleston over one hundred years ago and seeing the beauty of the old city in much the same way. All in all, an experience I would certainly love to repeat.... " Kieran