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We don’t travel to visit. We travel to experience the places we’re in, to meet the people and immerse ourselves in their culture. We want to see first-hand what the best places to stay, eat and play are. Our goal is to learn about every destination and take every opportunity we have to live like locals. We know about the “must-dos” in every location, but we will gladly step way off the beaten path to LIVE IT.
We call ourselves Doers and we pride ourselves on being experts in the destinations where we live. We personally experience everything we offer and we don’t hold back our honest opinions.
There are over 400 Doers and thousands of insiders in 40 locations worldwide. We share a tremendous passion for discovery. Our team includes travel planners, creative thinkers and bloggers whose sole job is to provide you with the latest information about our destinations. We guarantee the reliability we promise.
We create unique itineraries for thousands of agencies around the globe based on their client’s specifications and desires. Over the decades, we have organically built our supplier list and network allowing us to provide competitive rates in order to make the inaccessible, accessible and to ensure that everything goes according to plan.
Overseas Leisure Group
4 Brands, 1 Mission
To provide travel and event professionals with a guaranteed source of reliability in luxury travel and to feed our partners knowledge with an insider perspective of our destinations.
Overseas Travel International
Overseas Travel International is a tailored FIT receptive network that services 3,000 agencies worldwide and offers individual travelers and families the true pulse of a destination.
OverseasXpress is an online booking engine built with guidance from travel professionals that offers luxury properties throughout the world. We call it the “Internet with a Conscience,” because our agents monitor every booking and are always available to support.
The experiences we create with Overseas VIP are for the elite. We understand that when it comes to high net-worth individuals, travel is about relocation of their status. We provide access to the most luxurious accommodations tailored for the chosen few.
Overseas Studio takes the creative thought process of an advertising agency and brings it into the realm of travel. We create shocking concepts for incentive groups, leaving them questioning and marveling at how we pulled everything off.
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