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Overseas Travel International services thousands of luxury travel agencies worldwide by finding the TRUE pulse of a destination.  As a tailored FIT receptive network, we live each destination like a local by learning the hidden secrets of each location and eagerly stepping off the beaten path to truly LIVE IT.

For decades we have provided travelers and families with unique and organic experiences. We work endlessly to break cultural barriers. Thanks to our extensive global network, we have opened doors for agencies to ensure a smooth and unforgettable journey. Our true goal is that each person leaves their trip with stories and emotions that will be passed down for generations to come. 

Quality Control

Our reliable Quality Control process is what sets us apart in the industry. It reassures every detail of the client’s bookings and keeps them coming back. Our attention to detail is unparalleled. The QC system is our commitment to you.


We call ourselves Doers and we pride ourselves on being experts in the destinations we offer. We personally experience everything beforehand and don’t hold back our honest opinions. Our team includes travel designers, creative thinkers and innovators. A common passion for discovery and communication can be felt in our vibrant workplace.

Our Passion

Feel It Do It Live It

We don’t travel to visit. We travel to experience the places we’re in by meeting the locals and immersing ourselves into their culture. It's far more than luxury travel. We travel to places where regular moments become extraordinary. Our passion is to explore the hidden places of the world and discover wonder. We want others to be completely consumed by the earth’s beauty; the adrenaline, emotions, breathlessness, and awe of the journey that are both humbling and empowering.

exceeding your expectations

To provide travel and event professionals with a guaranteed source of reliability in luxury travel and to feed our partners knowledge with an insider perspective of our destinations.


Our Services


Tailor-Made Itineraries


Unique & Hand Picked Experiences


Quality Control


24/7 Emergency Line

our live it experiences

Every destination has its hidden nooks and crannies that haven’t been explored. We open the door to something unimaginable and seek to change the perspective of luxury travel. Our activities are unheard of and tailored down to every last detail.


Spend a day with a fourth-generation Navajo guide, who will share his culture, history, and whisk you away from the tourist routes into the hidden trails of Monument valley.


Seabreacher is the only submersible watercraft you can dive, jump, roll, and do other amazing aquatic tricks with.


Stay in a private teepee on a lake-front property. During the day, live like the Native Americans did and explore the beautiful forest around you. In the evening, eat, drink, and share stories by the campfire.


Take controls of a Battle Tank that’s a replica of the M1A1 Abrams used by the US Military and crush a full size automobile into pieces.


Discover some of the most talented up-and-coming singers of all genres as they play in Seattle's iconic S.S. Virginia V steamship.


Hike to the steams and go under a lava tube to discover incredible colors and an unforgettable view of glowing lava around Big Island.

Our Commitment

We’ve been told by our suppliers that we, at times, are obsessed with perfection. Maybe they’re right. Why do we triple check each booking? Why do we have a 24/7 hotline in seven languages to accommodate every client throughout their travels? Why are we always prepared to for each emergency? Simple. Because we care

24/7 Quality Control

24/7 Agent Assistance 100%
24/7 locally based hotline and greetings in seven languages 100%
Triple check every booking detail our clients need 100%
An unforgettable luxury travel experience 100%

What They say about us 


The Overseas Leisure Group has been partnering with its providers at implementing recommended measures, aimed at insuring Tracking symptoms, screening guests and staff, applying hygienic measures are all processes we support and ask our partners to enforce.

At this stage, the cases in our region of the World remain isolated and touch a very minor proportion of the populations within the destinations we promote. A significant number of areas are completely untouched by the virus. As such, we have not decided to initiate bans, other than those recommended by the CDC. We will continue to monitor actively and update our entire network, should the situation evolve in any direction.

While terms and conditions applied by our vendors are still considered the legal reference, the vast majority of them have shown great understanding and gone beyond any obligation, offering flexible credits for a duration of 1 year or more. While we can’t guarantee nor impose anything, we can assure you that we will always do our best to preserve the joy into travel. We do not believe in forcing anyone to take a journey they do not look forward to. Our relationships with all partners, built over 25 years, facilitate a positive collaboration which will benefit, yours, ours, their clients.

Our team remains available to address any particular case with you. Together, we will beat this virus and resume living life, after experiencing one more great reason not to take anything for granted.



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